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Three Columns

Three Ways to Make Editable Blocks


A fresh install of GetSimple includes two sample 'Components'. You can see them in the backend under the Theme tab, choosing 'Edit Components' - the Tagline and the Sidebar. You can see the standard Sidebar text to the right of this block, beginning GetSimple Features. You can edit the contents as you like, but there is no wysiwyg editor for a component.

So if you are comfortable with writing html that is the easiest way to get a third column you can edit through the GS backend: Go to the Theme Editor under the Theme tab and choose threecol.php (the 3 column template) for editing. Scroll down to <!-- column-three -->
  <div class="col-three">
Select and cut (Ctrl+x) everything in Column Three down to the closing </div>  then Save Changes, Click on the Theme tab again and go to Edit Components, Add Component, where you paste (ctrl+v) all the html into the new component. Give it a name like sidebar2 , Save it and copy the php tag <?php get_component('sidebar2'); ?> Go back to threecol.php and paste in the tag in the column three div so you have <!-- column-three -->
  <div class="col-three">
   <?php get_component('sidebar2'); ?>  
Save and you are done!

Your site should look the same but now you can start to edit the second sidebar as well as the first.

A Page Within a Page

If you (or your client ) don't want to be writing html when you update the sidebar you need to insert a page instead of a component. The procedure is exactly the same as for a component, but you make a new page, give it a one word name like sidebar2 and insert the php tag <?php getPageContent('sidebar2'); ?> into the template in place of the fixed content. Dont include the page in the Nav Menu (!).

Now you can edit the second sidebar through the wysiwyg editor. Much easier.

Simple Input Tabs Plugin

Both the Component and the Page within a Page will give you content blocks which are written into the Page Template so the contents will be the same in every page which uses that template. That may not be what you want. You could make a new template for each page on your site but things could get complicated and confusing as you accumulate a dozen or more components. Better keep everything simple and easy to manage with the Simple Input Tabs plugin.

This plugin will allow you to edit all the different areas of a page through the wysiwyg editor by simply selecting tabs (like browser tabs). Back up everything before you install the plugin, it hasn't been around long and may have as yet undetected errors.

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Getting an Editable Third Column

To make this area of the page editable through the Getsimple backend you can do one of three things:

  1. Make a Component and insert it into the template
  2. Make a Page within a Page
  3. Use the Simple Input Tabs Plugin

There are full instructions on the demo pages.