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Just Another GetSimple Website

Welcome to Unbound!

This is the demo of the GetSimple Theme Unbound. This is a fixed width theme from styleshout.com, converted for GetSimple by myself.

I am hoping that on these pages I can provide some useful guidelines for beginners and anyone new to GetSimple for setting up, using and customising the Theme. We might cover:

  • Making the third column editable
  • Changing the header image
  • Making the standard sidebar editable throught the wysiwyg editor
  • Installing plugins
  • All the extra bits of styling like tables and alternative list styles

But it's a work in progress. It may not all be here yet.

Before You Start

Get a Better Editor

The semi wysiwyg editor in GetSimple is only semi there. Make it a bit more useful by finding the file gsconfig in the root of your site with an ftp program. Open it in a text editor. Lines 51 & 52 are

# WYSIWYG toolbars (advanced, basic or [custom config])
#define('GSEDITORTOOL', 'advanced');

Remove the # on the second line so you have

# WYSIWYG toolbars (advanced, basic or [custom config])
define('GSEDITORTOOL', 'advanced');

and you will have the full set of buttons and tools in your editor panel.

Default Formatting for Tables and Forms

post date title description
04.18.2007 Augue non nibh Lobortis commodo metus vestibulum
04.18.2007 Fusce ut diam bibendum Purus in eget odio in sapien
04.18.2007 Maecenas et ipsum Adipiscing blandit quisque eros
04.18.2007 Sed vestibulum blandit Cras lobortis commodo metus lorem


Sidebar Menu

Help With this Theme

Latest news and Blog Posts

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    It occurred to me that if i am setting up a blog for a customer, to be used by a totally non-techy user, then it has to be best to give them the slick and intuitive interface of google's own Blogger system. The Blogger posts would then be exported as a 'feed' to the GetSimple pages. The GS Blog I am using here should import an RSS feed and I

  • About GetSimple Blogs

    This isn't the first blog I have installed on a GS site. I am still tweaking some of the settings. If you ask the GetSimple Development team they will say that GetSimple is not a blogging platform and it's true there are easier ways to blog, but these days if you are even faintly interested in appearing in a search engine listing there are a few

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    This is a first post and as such is just a bit of dummy text: A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a journey, and such a journey: The ways deep and the weather sharp, The very dead of winter.’ And the camels galled, sore-footed,      refractory, Lying down in the melting snow. There

Simple Input Tabs
Read This!

This version of the Unbound Theme for GetSimple is set up for use with the Simple Input Tabs Plugin. Apart form this default template the theme has three standard templates for one, two and three column layouts and three 'tabbed' templates set up for use with the Simple Input Tabs plugin. This plugin enables easy editing of the multiple content areas of a page like this. To use these templates you must install the Simple Input Tabs plugin and it's little brother the Small Plugin Toolkit from the GetSimple Extend Page

Erwin AligamThis is the Unbound Theme designed by Erwin Aligam and released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. I have adapted it as a GetSimple Theme.

TimbowThis is the default page template in which I have left everything in, so you see two alternative nav menus, two search boxes and a lot of ideas for using the footer. For more general use I have made one, two, and three column templates with the search boxes and the sidebar nav menu commented out. You will find them ready in the GS Backend under Page Options when you edit a page.

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