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Changing the Header Image

The header image you see when you first install the theme is a 'background' image. You can find the background image and replace it if you wish but the templates are set up to accept new header images as 'contents' which will cover the background image. That way the header image can be changed through the GS backend without ftp and without editing the theme files and pages can be given specific header images the same way.

To change the header image first prepare and upload your image. It doesn't need to be the right size but suitable for resizing to 940 x 160 pixels. Make a Component and call it header. In the component write html image tags to link to your image and define the size. If for instance you uploaded an image head01.jpg through the GS Files tab to the uploads folder the contents of the component will be:

<img src="<?php get_site_url(); ?>data/uploads/head01.jpg" alt="Text Here" height="160" width="940">

component screenshot

That will give you a new default header image. The image will show on any new pages you create.

To make an image specific to one page just name the component header-slug where slug is the 'slug'* of the page it will be shown on.

* A page in GetSimple is saved as an xml file. The filename of that xml file is also used in the site urls and is known as the page 'slug' . You can change the slug if you wish in Page Options.