Welcome to CityWide!

This is the fully functioning Demo of the latest version of the CityWide Theme for GetSimple CMS

Version 2.0 is now no longer Fixed Width but responsive down to less than 320 pixels which is the width of a Blackberry smartphone screen. It works on every device I have tested it on but please let me know if you have any problems by using the contact form on this site.

If you are viewing this on a desktop or laptop in a browser window you can see the effect of the responsive coding by reducing the width of the window:

  • 925 pixels is the maximum width of the layout. Wider than that you just get bigger margins
  • Below 925 pixels the layout remains the same but the columns and images are reduced and cropped proportionately
  • At 700 pixels width a new css kicks in to make a single column layout suitable for handheld devices. The Navigation Menu is shifted over the header image and the remaining sidebar content is repositioned below the main page content.
  • This new layout remains good right down to below 320 pixels which is the width of a Blackberry or small phone screen.

If you are viewing this in Internet Explorer 8 or below you won't be able to see the transition to the handheld css, but luckily no handheld devices use Internet Explorer

Now Responsive Right Down to Phone Screen Width !